Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dr. Oz - What the Cosmetic Industry Doesn't Want you to Know

Dr. Oz consulted his experts who provided him (and you!) with some facts about the cosmetics you purchase. One of the experts started off by saying that the "expensive" lotions and creams, although typically good moisturizers, are no better than the inexpensive, drug store offerings. Both experts agreed on:

Point #1 - There is NO such thing as a facelift in a bottle. Nothing you apply to the face will actively reverse aging. For that, you have to use lasers, or have plastic surgery, or get prescription medication. The problem with the topically applied lotions is that any active ingredients they may contain are unable to penetrate the skin to get to where they would need to be to effect a change. All of the moisturizers you purchase are pretty much hype. eScential Wellness humbly suggests you "First, do no harm" by reading ingredient labels and only apply those products to your skin that are free from the Toxic Ten. These moisturizers will hold in the moisture already in your skin, and, provide a modest barrier to prevent evaporation. Oil blends are excellent moisturizers! Read my previous blog on why applying oils to your face is a good idea.

Point #2 - "Dermatologist Approved" does NOT mean that all dermatologists approve the product. Typically, the company who made the product will hire (and pay) a dermatologist to look at the product and approve it. So, yes, ONE dermatologist has approved it, but, that's it! We make the assumption that all dermatologists agree, but this is not the case.

#3 - A product labelled "hypoallergenic" does NOT mean you will not break out, or, be safe from an allergic reaction. Interestingly, Dr. Oz' expert here said the government (in this case, the American government, as Dr. Oz is American) says any product can claim it is hypoallergenic. The term the government, and the industry use is that it is a "puffery" claim. This means that the claim itself is meaningless, though, the people hearing it may think it means something. It does not. Oz' expert suggests the most common cause of allergic reactions from products is from fragrance. Cosmetic companies use synthetic fragrances in virtually everything. In Canada, Environmental Defence lists synthetic fragrance as one of the Toxic Ten. All Natural doesn't mean much, either. As Oz' expert points out, poison ivy is natural, but, you wouldn't want to put it on your face!!

#4 - Eye creams are just glorified face creams. The experts point out that the ingredient lists of eye cremes, when compared to face creams, are more or less identical. There is nothing fancy or different. What they do, however, is charge you twice as much for half the volume. You do not need an extra creme for around the eyes!!

As always, eScential Wellness encourages you to educate yourself. Read labels!! Make comparisons. Find products free of the Toxic Ten. Paying more does not mean you are getting a better product!

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