Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Putting Oil on your Face is a Good Idea

This title was conveniently provided to me by an article in this weeks Hamilton Spectator! (Monday, June 10, 2013.) Contrary to popular belief, an appropriate blend of oils is actually the best, and most natural, facial moisturizer ever!! For one thing...have you considered that a lotion, any lotion, is just a blend of oils and water, with an emulsifier? (a component that keeps oils and water from separating) When you apply this mixture to your face, the water evaporates in minutes, leaving you with the oils, anyway. The problem with using lotion moisturizers, or, any moisturizers with water in them, is twofold. One, where there is water, there is bacteria. Bacteria need water to live and grow, and grow they do, easily, in lotions. To combat this bacterial growth, lotions need preservatives. Most are chemicals that you would not want anywhere near your face. A few are somewhat less toxic, but, why use a chemical or synthetic preservative if you don't have to? Oils, which are water free, do not grow bacteria and stay sanitary. Eventually, what will do an oil in is oxidation, not bacterial growth. Oxidation is a reaction that takes place between the oil and air. Most oils will oxidize eventually. Meadowfoam and jojoba will last darn near forever; as will wheatgerm, which is high in Vitamin E, a naturally occuring anti-oxidant.A proper oil blend should last at least a year at room temperature. Secondly, as the water evaporates from your face, it actually dries your face out. Oils are looking better now, aren't they??

The real reasons to use oil on your face are as follows: (1) You only need a few drops. Cost effective. (2) Your skin already makes oil. By using a few drops as moisturizer, even oily skin is "tricked" into thinking it has enough oil, and, oil production by your pore slows. Consequently, even oily skin can benefit from the right combination of topical oils. (3) The oil forms a thin barrier against future water evaporation from your skin, sealing in whatever moisture you have already. (4) Oil fills in spaces between decaying cells and gets into cracks below the skin surface to help "plump up" your skin.(5) Aging skin makes less of its own oil, which means aging skin is often dull and lifeless looking. An oil moisturizer illuminates skin and makes it appear younger, but not shiny.  (6) Many oils are anti-inflammatory, so they calm redness and irration. In short, oils can balance conbination skin, make our skin appear younger, and preserve the moisture we have. The right conbination of oils can also provide building blocks for skin reconstruction, and anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process when outdoor, polluted air comes in contact with our skin. That's why so many cosmetic companies add synthetic vitamins A, C or E to skin creams.

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