Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Living Show, Toronto, 2012

Although apparently running for 5 years, this was my first experience visiting the Green Living Show. It contained all sorts of ideas/products to consider making your  immediate world, and the larger environment, safer, cleaner, greener. I saw many displays of the requisite alternative energy sources (solar panels, electric cars), organically grown meat and produce....and the area of my personal interest, clean personal care and cosmetic products.

The 2 exhibits that were of most interest were the Adria Vasil booth (author of "Ecoholic") and the booth for Environmental Defence. Adria Vasil has a new book out (as of April 17, 2012) called Ecoholic Body. In it, she identifies the "Mean 15" toxins commonly found in personal care products, and, supplies you with truly good-for-you brand name alternatives  Adria provides a printable, wallet size list of the "Mean 15" on her website,

Next up is Environmental Defence. Although this particular organization inspires change in all environmental issues, they have a sub-division called the "Just Beautiful" campaign. They will promote companies that sign a pledge saying their products are free of the "Toxic Ten" ingredients. eScential Wellness has already been recognized, unofficially, as meeting this criteria, so, look for their promotion of eScential Wellness products soon!! "Just Beautiful" offers a great, downloadable pdf file pocket guide to Personal Care products. You can download it here:

As always, reading labels is your best defence against applying harmful chemicals and products to your body. Many products that incorporate the words "pure," "clean," and "natural" are anything but. Become an informed consumer, with help from Adria Vasil, and, Just Beautiful!