Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Update

I have decided to make my products as organic as possible. For some of them, this means entirely organic....for others, the largest percentage possible is organic.
True organic products, without chemicals of any sort, are practically impossible to find. Of course, most manufacturers make hundred of bottles of a product, and, those products can spend weeks or months on a shelf or in a truck before even reaching the store. Those products have to be made with preservatives of some sort to assure that they are safe to use after a possibly long period of time. All of my products are hand crafted, in small batches, and made fresh. When you purchase from me, the product has likely only been around hours, days, or, at the most, a few weeks. The natural preservatives that I do use (natural Vitamin E) assures these products are OK for probably a year. Unless you leave them in the sun, or something. At least when they leave me, I know (and you know) they are FRESH!
LIP BALMS are now all organic!! As is my GARDENERS HAND SALVE! (both fragrances ~ Lavender/Rosemary and Lemongrass/Patchouli.) My new MASSAGE OIL is 100% ORGANIC!! It is a blend of organic sunflower and organic hemp oil. (Unscented, this is an outstanding product for babies.)
Shower gels (available in LIME, ORANGE, or GRAPEFRUIT are ORGANIC. Foaming Hand Soap is ORGANIC. Available in Lavender, Lemon/Vanilla/Peppermint, and Orange/Lavender/Patchouli.
Even my glycerin Bar Soap has gone ORGANIC.
Be good to yourself. Treat your skin with care.

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