Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Natural Dyes for Escential Wellness Products

Escential Wellness products use only natural dyes, unless you request otherwise. Of course, you can always leave the products with their own natural coloring. Most products are clear, or white, or cream colored if left untouched.
But, in a world where one's decor does matter, there is nothing wrong with using natural dyes ~ the kind that have been used since pre-recorded history.
I offer 3 colors, and, of course, colors can be mixed from these three.
The first is green. It is a bright green, though it can be adjusted by quantity to be a lighter or darker green. It is derived from mulberry leaves. This dye contains chlorophyllin, which comes from chlorophyll in the plant.
I also offer yellow, derived from the herb turmeric. For the cooks out there, you may be familiar with the use of turmeric in Indian dishes. It is a natural, bright yellow.
Finally, I have orange. The orange color comes from annatto seeds, which come from the annatto tree. This is the same orange that is used to color cheddar cheese.
All colorants conform to both the United States Food and Drug Administration standards, as well as British Standards. They have been tested by many different types of sophisticated equipment, such as UV-VIS spectrophotometers. They are safe for consumption, and, consequently, safe for use in soaps and lotions.
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