Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cold & Flu Season Arrives Early

Newspapers are reporting that colds and flu season have an early start this year..both in the U.S. and Canada. I can't argue with them - I myself have a cold. eScential Wellness can't cure your virus, but it
can provide temporary relief from some symptoms! First off - make sure you eat well, in spite of all of the holiday offerings, and get enough sleep, regardless of holiday partying. Wash your hands often, and avoid people who are ill. Most importantly, keep your hands away from your face, so that virus are not transferred from your hands to entry points in your body - your nose & eyes. Try Bandit's Blend to provide almost instant relief from a sore throat. Make sure to cover your tongue with a kleenex, as it does not taste yummy! But the anaesthetic effect of clove oil reduces scratchiness within a few minutes! Steaming with Bandit's also relieves congested sinuses. For bedtime relief, soak your aching body in a tub of water treated with Bath Salts for Headaches & Headcolds. The steam carries the essential oils into your nasal passages and sinuses, and your skin absorbs them, too. Definitely a bonus for a good night's sleep!
Have a Merry, Healthy, Holiday!

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