Friday, May 11, 2012

Environmental Defence Canada

Did you know Canada has it's own "watchdog" group that brings public awareness and media attention to various issues important to Canadians? It's called "Environmental Defence." 
They describe their mission as hoping to "inspire change by connecting people with environmental issues that affect their daily lives in their homes, workplaces, and neighbourhoods."
Part of Environmental Defence's efforts are directed at the beauty, personal care and cosmetic industry. It's called the "Just Beautiful" campaign. This particular campaign, one of many which they promote, has as it's goal:
"to help push Canada to ban the known-to-be-harmful ingredients in our products and demand full disclosure of what’s in the products on Canadian shelves. We’re asking the federal government to ban the worst substances and make sure we know all of the ingredients in our cosmetics so that we can all be Just Beautiful."

To be a supporter of the Just Beautiful Campaign, a company must agree to two essential promises:
To avoid the use of Just Beautiful's "Toxic Ten" ingredients, and
To provide full disclosure of all ingredients used in their products.
eScential Wellness is proud to be listed on the Just Beautiful Campaign website!! All of eScential Wellness products do indeed meet the above criteria. Look for the Just Beautiful logo on the website ( as well as on eScential Wellness' Facebook page.
For more information on the Just Beautiful Campaign, for a list of their "toxic ten" ingredients, and, to see what other companies make products that are "good for you!" please go to their website, at:
Look beautiful, and, be healthy!

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