Friday, June 26, 2009

Help for Hair Loss using Essential Oils

A client requested that I make up a blend to help with diffuse hair loss. To be honest, I did not think that essential oils would improve this condition. But, as usual, I set off to do research. Much to my astonishment, a "westernized" study had indeed been carried out, and, in fact, published in the American Medical Association journal in 1998. It turns out that a certain blend of essential oils actually do help alopecia areata - or hair loss!! (To read the study for yourselves, please go to this site:
I was easily able to duplicate the oil used in the study. It was recommended to use the oil once daily, and do a 2 minute scalp massage with the oil. In addition, I have put together a shampoo and conditioner containing the oil blend. The pure shampoo and conditioner, without the oils added, are a wonder on their own: free of irritants, and derived from natural sources, primarily sugar cane and coconuts. The shampoo itself tends to volumize hair a bit. I have tried it myself, and it leaves your hair feeling very nice and a bit fluffy. Although the shampoo and conditioner do indeed wash out, and the oils included are not in contact with the hair very long, a residue may exist that certainly won't hurt the situation any. For ordering information, see my contact and product price pages at www.

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